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but after a few minutes got up and walked to the door and told me this - remember Alan is already in the bathroom," she stood and said quietly, not "no, he is - he waits for me. "I was shocked to say the least, but their conversation overheard in the last 30 minutes, the currency fell Andrea could only say -" you know what your a saying - it's what you want, " she replied -" Yes - give me 10 minutes to go, " then rose could not believe what is happening right now with many things in my head - I think I waited 10 minutes, but felt much longer and went upstairs -. did not really know what I wanted to find a When spankbang I opened the bedroom door, Andrea Was lying in bed with stockings and suspenders spankbang with legs only slightly bent and open - Alan had just undressed and turned to me - his cock was amazing! approximately 8 cm long, very thick, furrowed with veins is a serious problem and a round head with hang -Prince Albert until his balls were hanging very low, but at 63 it looked in good shape - he only said, " had I know that Andrea was sentenced for more than a month and I am their bull - must get used to it, and if I want to ride then that's fine, spankbang but you must know that sh
Quotes e is my bitch now " Andree was there just to say a word - just getting ready for his bull to mount. His tail looked very seriously and was willing to make - he knelt between her legs and mounted Andrea immediately - within seconds moaned him, and he pushed in, to make sure I was in true in spankbang it and everything, I could see was the balls laying in the ass, since wENT deep inside her balls. was so erotic watching this - he was not very friendly and bit her neck and chest as he fucked her roughly. She gave an occasion batting was a bit rough around the back of his legs and after about 15 minutes, looked directly at me (I was looking at the face side), and he told me he was about to cum in it - what he did and I went to see his semen, his ass was on the bed. That is, after a few minutes, but not before he bit his neck again - I wanted to leave his mark on them. Andrea stood there open legs flowing with milk from her pussy still without saying a word. I Alan after he got dressed and prepared to trust him - said: " I ​​guess it can be a bit of a surprise for you - what happened tonight, but believe me you have now is broken and a bitch " If you want to see where things are to let me know


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My wife Andrea, who is now 33 and her friend Julia has been working for over spankbang 3 years. Like most friends, I guess in common, often together after work, or sometimes went to Andrea. Julia lives near her parents and was often picked up by his father from work and dropped out of Andrea. spankbang about 5 months, Andrea came home from work spankbang one night and Alan ( Juliet 's father ) came into the house instead of dropping out. I worked at home once in a while was so at home with her. Of course I knew that Alan was with my wife along with her daughter. We exchanged conversation Alan and I had a drink that made Andrea a coffee while drinking alcohol. The strange thing was that Alan is talking about his "swinging " lifestyle, which he had been in years and had no fear of anything that he began to call their experiences or have been. It made me feel a little uncomfortable at first, but Andrea was not embarrassed by it but not make aand observation at all - only to hear instead. After a while Alan asked if the bathroom, to which he responded instinctively "at the top of the first ladder on the left " can While I was out, I told Andrea, " sounds a bit of a laugh, " but Andrea did not return,